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In the woods // Peter Zeglis


"Shock Treatment" Art by Samuel Farrand
Partly inspired by a dream I had when I was 4-5 years old that has left me feeling mystified even up until now. I was in this underlying grand architectual grid complex (Which I have called the Quantum Submatrix) with my whole being sending and receiving electrical currents. In the dream I felt myself as being a finite point of pure energy that could control these electrical currents by thought. After years of reflection I feel the Quantum Submatrix is a reflection of our very own consciousness. I feel like we are experiencing realities like this all the time in our waking lives but with all the other information the brain is processing throughout the day these quantum electrical processes are hard for most people to even realize. I propose a theory that what if the Quantum Submatrix is the origin of all of the worlds manifestations in all of eterenity? What if accessing this Quantum Submatrix is the begining of reality itself? What if there was a place found deep within ourselves that we could go to, to change the reality around us and all you needed to do to get there is to come to a point of finitude where you realize that you are the pure essence of creation itself? What if the pure essence of creation was LOVE?Deep thoughts to ponder :)

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Son fotos muy bonitas. c:


New photo series : ‘après l’amour’ on my website : http://www.ortie.name/apres-l-amour


Winter Travel Destinations


Best Winter Travel Destinations

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Animalito del monte. ♥



awwn c:

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Hola, eres casi como un unicornio

Jajaja, por qué casi como un unicornio? D:


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#Veracruz (at Hotel Emporio)

La vista desde el lugar donde yo trabajo. (:

Hermoso ~ ♥

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Awwwn those little babies :3

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